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[05 Oct 2008|02:10pm]
why does everybody seem so different lately?
i don't like it one bit.
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[11 Sep 2008|05:10am]
So this should deffidently be a relatively long entry considering i have plenty to get off my mind.

For starters, my birthday is in 4 days! too bad i can already tell its going to be a horrible birthday. but on a lighter note, i just got back from a little new england trip and i had mucho fun. jake, jerilyn, talyor, and i left on saturday around 11 in the afternoon and headed for new hampshire. saturday pretty much consisted of driving and sight seeing and looking for a campground which we did not find. instead we ended up driving up to portland maine and staying in some crack motel that was a terrible place. sunday we woke up and headed down to hampton beach. we walked around there for a bit, got some stuff, i got a shirt, a cd, and some sweet new records, it was pretty fun too. then we left there and headed to mt. washington. we payed 40 something dollars to drive up that shit, really fun, really scary. it was about a 4 mile drive to the top and it was REALLY steep, there were no guard rails, and at some points it was even dirt. when we got to the top there were 80 mile per hour winds, it was freezing cold, but so amazingly beautiful, deffidently the best view ive ever seen in my life. then we went to the bottom where we met up with austin, jamie, and luke.
With our new convoy we headed off to some cottage type thing luke's father owns in littleton? new hampshire. we bought a bunch of beer and pretty much chilled there for the remainder of sunday, into monday and we left at 1 am tuesday morning. we did go to this awesome place on some river with waterfalls and little pool things, i dont know but it was pretty cool.
I did plenty of thinking on this trip and realized quite a few things.
One, me and jessica havent really been dating for a little while now, and i realized how much she really doesnt care about me, or hasnt for a while. Two, i can find someone who cares about me and will treat me with 100% more respect than she ever did, and three, i need to get the fuck out of connecticut, and fast.

There is a possibility i could be moving to virginia in about 3 weeks with jake to live with sam. This is only if jake gets sams approval, but im sure ill feel like shit for the first month or so and then i will begin the process of beginning a new life, god knows maybe ill be able to finally figure out what the fuck i want to do.

But anyways its almost 4 in the morning and im beat. please feel free to talk to me! goodnight.
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[09 Aug 2008|02:15pm]
alright so i havent written in this thing for a really long time. life has been pretty stressful im not going to lie...but im good at hiding things luckily. getting pretty tired of nutmeg..ive been working there for about a year now..and it getting worse and worse every day. i kind of want to take some basic college classes. my vehicle situation sucks. its been broke down for the past three weeks, and i personally fix it and it and then something else just happens to fuck up. im sick of putting all my time and money into thhat. but now im really fucked because i blew the head gasket. it will cost me 800 dollars to get it done in a garage, but if i do it myself it will be 75, and a day and a half of working on it on ny day off.
i could pissibly be getting an apartment with brooke and missy, id like to but im not trying to jump into anything too fast, ill see what happens. jessica is not too happy about the fact i might be getting an apartment with two girls, but hey atleast ill be happy. geeze i need to get out of my parents house and get a fucking life. as of right now me jessicas relationship is alright, but for the past few weeks its been pretty choppy i dont really know what is going on with it, but i guess its just another thing im going to have to ride out and see what happens...
But on a lighter note, my best friend who i love and miss so much, MATT MURPHY, is coming back september 1st, which means hell be back for my birthday which is the sixth. i cant wait i miss him alot.

alright well im out, god knows how long it will be untill the next time i update, because i dont have a computer but if anyone wants to chill sometime leave me a comment or something or give me a call! thanksss
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[31 Jan 2008|12:29pm]
so heres what has been going on in my life.
I've still been working every fucking day. it's killing me but i have to do what i have to do. I passed my piss test and got hired on to the actually company, and got a raise, and ryan blake got fired, and stephon works there now, so its still pretty chill.
Garry's (step dad) mom died today or last night, so both of my parents went to vermont for the week. so i have the house to myself for about a week, which despite the reason why i have the house, its pretty sweet.

Right now im talking to matt murphy. i miss that kid and it feels like i havent talked to him in foreverrr. he said hes coming back in june, and i cant wait.

alsooo im getting my tax returns soon, and with the money from that, and the money ive saved im buying ben labbes truck because my car is just falling apart.

illl finish this up later.
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[07 Jan 2008|01:02pm]
[ mood | bored ]

So i went and visited my father again this weekend. he seems happy to be seeing me again. i mean we did not see each other more than a for more than couple minutes for about six years when he was in prison, and then after he got out i still didn't visit him nearly as much as i should have, and for a while he thought i hated him for not being there for 6 years of my life, buttt he was wrong, and i don't.

I also got to spend some time with my little sister again, and this time she didnt cry when i was around her. Shes soooo cute. she can barely walk, and barely talk and it is so funny. i can not wait until she can walk and talk. i deffidently plan on spending more time with my father, and my baby sister. i want to be close to her and all that good stuff considering i am her brother and all.

Then i came back home, and my mom went to vermont for the weekend so i had the house to myself. Unfortunately, i didnt do anything exciting with my time, or the house, instead, i went to sleep. Woke up Sunday, and did absolutely nothing all day. Sunday night, went to Hartford to bring Jake back.

My weekend have been getting more and more boring as the weeks go by and it sucks. I need change nigga. Connecticut is getting beyond boring. Im sick of doing the same old shit week after week. Maybe i should move to canada now, lol. yeah right.

well, I'm sick of typing now, so goodbye!

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[02 Jan 2008|01:45pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

hello 2008.
the last day of 2007 was the worst time ive ever had for new years. talk about boring...

i think that my new years revolution is going to be 'have more to show for myself come 2009' because i worked the whole year of 2007 more or less, and i dont have shit to show for it, except a car that is falling apart, and that is it. But atleast i have a steady job now and i dont have to worry about failing a piss test to be hired on, because i passed my piss test for nutmeg container, to now im a nutmeg container employee, NOT a AAA employee. which means i will also be making more moneyyy. :]

come 2009 i want an apartment with one of my good friends, i want money in the bank, and an apartment full of cool stuff that i paid/helped pay for.

i also want to stop doing all drugs except for marijuana, and the occasional lsd.
i do NOT want to come out of 2008 with a drug addiction and absolutely
nothing to show.

good luck in 2008!

EDIT: for 2008, i want matt murphy back.

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[24 Dec 2007|11:55pm]
Merry Christmas! :]
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[14 Dec 2007|02:34pm]
so i guess im getting money from my car accident, my lawyer and i settled for 2000 dollars, and after him paying all my doctors bills, and his 1/3 of the pay ill be geitting 900 dollars, which is not bad for free money i guess. i just really hope my neck doesn't get fucked up somewhere down the line.

but on another note, i really am loving the snow!
and, i cant wait for Christmas.
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MONTREAL! [29 Nov 2007|01:52pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Alrighty, so Thursday after Thanksgiving dinner, Travis, Fetus, Matt Mullins, and I gather up our shit, and took off for Montreal. When we made it to the border they had us pull off to the side, and then they searched the whole car, fortunately, the was nothing to be found. So we were then on our way to find our hotel, we ended up finding this little shit hole for 150 (u.s.) dollars, which by the way isn't much because for those of you who didnt know, our economy is falling apart and our dollar is worth shitttt, so the canadians dollar is now stronger than ours. So we got the hotel, then came to the great realization that our hotel had a bar in it! we took a walk down to the bar and started drinking, we got sick of the scenery and took off into the city. We found a nice little bar so we sat around and drank untill we got bored of the bar, then we went outside and found some weed, drinking age in canada is only 18, and marijuana is legal more or less. then we went back to hotel and smoked and stuffff.

The next couple days consisted of more or less the same shit, except we got to actually "sight see" because it was daylight. we went to a bunch of really good restaurants serving foreign foods, and a mcdonalds which serves Double big macs which sounds disgusting, and deli sandwiches, i got a blt at mcdonalds. We also went to smoke shops, more bars, we went to a hookah bar but they carded Travis and he's only 17 so it didn't work out,and we went to a bunch of local shops, oh, and a strip club. We also noticed the massive amount of attractive girls in the city.

Sunday was the only day we really didn't do anything, except for clean our TRASHED hotel room, and wait in traffic for about two hours right before customs waiting to get back into the united states. but the good thing was customs didn't search our car on the way through this time, instead the border patrol officer asked us if we had anything pot in the car, and after we told him no he proceeded to tell us how good the weed was in Montreal, then waved us through. it was hilarious. true, but hilarious.

I can't wait to go back to Montreal when it is warm considering it was about 20 degrees tops there the whole time we were there. But i had the time of my life, so i cant really complain. I highly suggest going to Montreal to anyone that has not been. As long as you are at least 18, you'll have fun, i promise.

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[07 Nov 2007|09:03am]
okay so i went to the australian pink floyd show again on saturday, and it was sooo much better than thursdays thow. they sounded much better, the put on a better show, and they brought out the huge inflatable big, and huge inflatable kangaroo. on top of all that we were all wicked fucked up, and over all it was a really good night.

alright going back to sleep, goodnight.
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[02 Nov 2007|07:47am]
[ mood | cold ]

So i went to the australian pink floyd show last night with Gary, Jessica, Aliyah, Nick, and Matt at ppac, and it was pretty fucking amazing.
i do have to admit it was no where near as good as roger waters, or even the last time i saw australian pink floyd. the bassist singer who sang most of gilmours parts sounded kind of nasally and weird, the light show wasnt nearly as good as last time, and the band just did a few sloppy things, but other than that, it was an amazing show. thank god for doses. lmao.

This saturday there is another australian pink floyd show at the meadows in hartford and im thinking about going, but i doubt it. i also want to go to that trans siberian orchestra show too. sounds fun.

p.s. still going to montreal on the 23rd so whoever wants to go ask meeee.

alright back to bed for me, night.

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[24 Oct 2007|12:11am]
November 22nd-25th or 26th me and a few pals are going to montreal.
if for any reason you feel the need to go, talk to me.

im soooo exciteddd i cant even believe it.
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[03 Oct 2007|02:02pm]
i miss matt murphy so fucking bad.
matttt come backkkk.
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[11 Sep 2007|12:56am]
[ mood | moody ]

so here comes more complaints from me.

life is getting pretty rediculous, stressful, and almost depressing.
the seasons are changing, summer is quickly dying, fall is moving in.
i almost want to say the base of all my problems is the people i hang out with.
im really starting to think about things, and the people im with 24/7.

im doing my best to keep my life straightened out, to maintain a job, and more or less just stay out of trouble, and so on.
it seems to me that i'm the only one of my friends to even have any will to keep a job, it seems like everyone else is just completely infactuated with drugs, and nothing else. i mean dont get me wrong, ive done, and do my fair share of drugs, but i try to stay away from addiction, and everyone is doing pills all day, every day, and its getting pathetic. im getting sucked into it and i hate it. everyone is edgy, we fight about anything and everything possible, its just fucking hell. i want to get some new friends so fucking bad, but i have no where to turn to or no where to look for new friends. to be quite honest ive been missing alot of people lately and i wish they would come back. i miss aaron, and i miss matt murphy more than anything. i wish a certain bitch didnt drive them crazy for a while, otherwise i bet they would both still be here.

meh i think im done bitching.
i need to get a life.

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[06 Sep 2007|02:14pm]
happy birthday to me.
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[28 Aug 2007|12:52pm]
my birthday is in about 10 days, and it is going to suck really bad.

for one, i have work, and two i start my alcohol and drug classes from when i got arrested, ON MY BIRTHDAY.

i'm the complete oposite of being excited for my birthday. i almost wish it wouldnt happen.
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[15 Aug 2007|12:38am]
went camping at green falls and got wasted.
end of story, goodbye.
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[12 Aug 2007|04:09am]
[ mood | tired ]

so i had a 'saftey orientation' friday at staples in killingly..so i guess this means that i have a job? i dont know yet, but im sure it will be wicked weird working in the same building as my mom.

on another note me, jon, jake, and mike went to lake compounce last week.
it was pretty fun, but me and jon got banned for a year for smoking on the ski lift type thing, and the being obnoxious to the security guards who were THE biggest assholes ive ever encountered in my life. it was so pathetic.

today i went to newport, it was pretty fun. walked around town a little bit, talked about how jealous we were of every rich asshole who lives there, walked through a little maze thing through the woods, walked on a cliff walk and smoked some on the cliffs.
i dont know it was pretty cool.


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[30 Jul 2007|09:34pm]
so i lost my job.
i guess this is another example of why i shouldnt be doing drugs.

so tomorrow im off to go do some illegal work with the same shit that i lost my job over.

am i smart or what?

but other than money issues, and losing my job, life has been alright kind of. me, jake, jon, and fetus went up to new hampshire and camped up there for a few days, and on the last day we went to hampton beach for a few hours, it was really fun. we got some weed and smoked a blunt on the beach with thousands of people around, including plenty of cops. haha. oh and on the way up there i got pulled over and the cop found our weed and bowl, took them, and jake took the blame and he got a ticket, yes, a ticket for possession of marijuana. good thing jake looks 21 because we ended up getting a thirty rack and getting drunk at our camp site, and good thing we had a bunch of vikes too, because they made the trip alot more fun too.

time to smoke, goodbye.
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[25 Jul 2007|02:27am]
[ mood | hot ]

so i got in a minor car accident the other day.
i was stopped with my blinker on turning into a gas station and someone slid into me. it fucked up my whole rear quarter panel, smashed my break light, cracked the bumper, and fucked up my muffler. i also fucked up my neck, the hospital said it's a cervical strain, and i should stay out of work until wednesday.
Today i went in for a drug test and physical for my job (switching from the staffing agency to the company i work for) and the doctor there told me that she doesnt want me working untill atleast monday and scheduled an appointment for next tuesday. the hospital perscribed me to percosettes and muscle relaxers, and what can i say, they ease the pain.
I sure damn hope his insurance covers all my car damages, my hospital bill, and perscription bills, and atleast pays for my one week of work i am missing due to my neck being fucked up, and maybe a little bit of spending money. haha. or maybe i should just go all out and sue the fuckers and ruin some lives like some certain someones. lol. but anyways im still waiting for the insurance company to proccess my claim and shit, but that should be all settled by thursday.

i cant wait for this shit to be over with. but for now there's always percosette and lsd.

it kind of seems like every time i get almost back on track i get knoceked back off, and it sucks, but whatever.


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